Friday, September 12, 2008

living with boys

The husband was lying on the couch earlier and was surfing channels to watch the latest news but the remote control won't work since the little man was standing in front of the television like he always does to annoy his father. Now, instead of telling his son to stay away from the tv he called me and told me what his son was doing as if I couldn't see what was happening. It annoyed me to hear him complain and so I told him to do what he had to do to make the little man stop but he won't. He wanted me to do it with a reasoning that the little man doesn't cry as loud when I interfere. And this after he said he will handle his son when he gets ornery.

Yes, I have two boys in the house (sigh). If they're not fighting over the television, they chase each other all over the house which sometimes drives me crazy. I worry too because the little man doesn't care whether he bump into something so long as he gets away from his father. They are not as bad though. In fact they are cute when they play but a woman can only have so much some days.

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