Thursday, September 25, 2008

it is almost time

For bed. I am listening to the little man grunting and making all kinds of noises while in his playpen. He is waiting for me to clean him up so we can go to bed. Him and the husband are waiting for me to finish my stuff online which I will try to do in a few minutes since I am sleepy too.

The little man was being a good boy today. I let him play all he wanted and only put him in his playpen when he got too bad with climbing and slapping the television. I showed him pictures earlier with animals and insects in it and after I named the animals he pointed at each one and named them though the words weren't clear. But he is trying so hard and that is what matters. I am happy that he is learning and he absorbs things he hears and watches. In fact it may be time for me to tell the husband to minimize using adult words when his son is around. We don't want him calling us names, lol.

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