Friday, September 26, 2008

a few more weeks

The little man's birthday is coming up. He will be two then. Yes, my little boy is growing every day and is showing a lot of attitude both good and bad. I have to be firm with him sometimes to make him realize his mistakes but he is learning.

I still haven't made up my mind where we will celebrate his birthday. He seemed to like Chuck E Cheese last time we were there so that is one option. Or we can just go out and eat. Or maybe just like his first birthday we will just celebrate it at home with balloons and party hats and a birthday cake. And since we don't know many people here we might just celebrate his day with his siblings and nephew and niece. If we were in Leyte it probably will be a big thing knowing how they celebrate birthdays there. There might even be loot bags for the kids. Definitely not personalized pens though but maybe toys and candies and chocolates and items kids will like.

Whatever we decide to do on his day, I hope he will have a good time. My wish for him is to be healthy and good all the time.

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