Sunday, September 28, 2008

a few good deals

We went to Target for some sale the husband was after and like most times when we go to stores I hit the toddler isle like a metal drawn to magnet. And that was where I saw a few good deals which I hurriedly took. No sense in waiting for stuff to ran out, lol.

I bought cute little shorts for my niece Aliyah. And also a pair of shorts and shirt for my cousin's son. These will go on the box which we will send to Leyte in a few weeks. Of course I had to buy clothes for the little man as well. There were nice deals on shorts for only ninety eight cents which I grabbed four. Then a number of shirts and a pair of pajamas. That was the first time I bought toddler clothes that cheap and I was happy with my accomplishment that even if the husband didn't bring me to Penney's as planned I didn't complain. There was no reason to, unless it gets too cold :) Just give me a few good deals and I will be happy.

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