Monday, September 22, 2008

festival of lights

The Festival of Lights here in our place is about to start. We drove to the park yesterday and we saw lights and figures being put up beside the road. There are different kinds of animal figures as well as houses and booths and even a replica of the bridge here. It will be a pretty sight when it is done.

Ever since we moved down south, we always go to the Festival of Lights. The first time we went there I was pregnant with the little man. We brought him with us the next year but he didn't appreciate it much. Was even afraid when we rode on the merry-go-round. Perhaps this year he will like it. I know how he loves to look at his little lantern that his father bought him so maybe it will be an indication he will like the festival.

It is not only animals and buildings they are trying to recreate but there are also advertisements from sponsors to which I thought a digital signage would have been more appropriate but then it probably won't go well with the overall theme. Anyways, they try to blend so I guess that is what matters.

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