Friday, September 26, 2008


My boy picked up some expressions from me that he uses at certain times. Here are his favorites:

Uh, oh! - Mostly when he does something embarrassing like farting loudly or after throwing his sippy cup. Or when mama sees him standing beside the television on the entertainment center. But mostly when he sees mama holding a diaper.

Oh no! -He says this over and over again when something doesn't suit him. Or if he tears up something. Or if mama does something he doesn't like.

Oh boy! -I use this expression when we ran out of stuff we really need and he picked up on it. The other night the little man was holding his toy truck when he said Oh, boy! and his father wondered what it was for, lol.

It is funny to listen to him figure out how and when to use these words. It took him a long time before he started talking a little though. Used to, he grunted (he still does) and growled that we call him our little gremlin. At night before bedtime, when I say night, night to him he replies with a gruff nigh', nigh' but when his father says the words he replies in a normal voice. The husband said it seems like the little man wants to act and sound all grown up for mama. Could be. Or he might just be playing with me. I love this little fellow so much!


lina said...

it is so funny and adorable how you described your son's use of the expressions. I'm a mom too and sometimes the words uttered by my son were priceless (not to mention hilarious) :-)

Poray said...

yeah, this little people are hilarious lol