Monday, September 29, 2008

box 'em up

Since we are getting ready to send a box to our relatives in Leyte, I dug through old clothes on our closet. There are a lot of still new clothes that doesn't fit me anymore which I will put in the box for my cousins and nieces. I asked the husband if I can send the little man's clothes too and he said that was the purpose of the box, to send whatever we don't need anymore so somebody on another side of the world can use it. As I took the little man's clothes off the hangers I found the funny t-shirts that his Aunt Sandy bought for him when we visited them last year. He only wore the shirts a few times since at first those were too big for him and then when it fit him the weather started getting hot. I hate to let his things go but we can't keep on accumulating things that we don't use anymore.

The husband still has to go through his closet and decide which he will keep or give away. He even told me I have to go over my boxes of sandals and shoes and send some too. Ahm, I don't think I will. Because even if I don't use my sandals and shoes all the time, I don't want to part with them. He calls me Imelda because of my collection :)

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