Wednesday, September 24, 2008

baby pictures

When the little man was born we didn't have many pictures of him. We only brought a roll of film to the hospital where the husband acted as the photographer. When he was holding my hands during my operation (c-section) he gave the film to one of the doctors. I think it might have been the anaesthesiologist but I am not very sure. I was groggy from the epidural and sleepless night prior to the delivery.

Over the months that followed we took pictures of him from time to time and sent some to his grandparents in Leyte. It was only early this year when we bought a digital camera and I took tons of pictures which I saved on our old desktop. Unfortunately, the desktop crashed. I don't know if it is still possible to retrieve the pictures I saved on it. I don't have any back ups on anything. It may be possible that the pictures I took of the little man will be lost forever. Shame! If I only listened to my sister in law and bought memory cards I would still have those pictures. The husband didn't say a word when I asked him what is going to happen to our pictures. I admit it is my fault. I wish I can do something to retrieve everything.

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