Tuesday, August 12, 2008

offline and didn't even know it

I was talking to my friends online when my son turned off the router to the internet. I was typing as fast as I could trying to convey my thoughts about a topic we discussed and I wondered why there was no reply. When I checked yahoo messenger I was no longer online. My son looked at me from where he was at and smiled wickedly. I wanted to get angry but he looked so cute and I know he just wanted mama to give him a little time so I did. He wanted me to run after him though which was not really good because I had a headache. Still I gave in and my boy was happy.
He loves to play with his toys particularly the rubber alphabet. He had the Y earlier and ran around yelling y all the time. It was hilarious. But when he gets bored he runs to me and plays with me for a while after which he runs to his corner and play again. I love it that he is a good boy and he minds us even if he really doesn't want to sometimes :)

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