Friday, August 29, 2008

no pictures

I decided to take pictures of the little guy so I can post a few here but he also made the decision to be the photographer so the photo op didn't go well. Most pictures I took were either of his face really up close, his hands, him trying to trample me down just so he can get the camera, and a lot of hands and fingers and eyes, and you get the drift right? So there won't be any pictures of him to post in here for now. Perhaps tomorrow if I get lucky.

He is becoming a handful but he also minds when I tell him to stop. I love the fact that he listens to his parents. He may run away whining when mama says no to him when he wants to climb up the table but the point is he knows how to listen. He asks why when told not to climb up on his parents bed but he gets down after a good explanation. Our little boy is growing up and we are proud of him.

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