Tuesday, August 5, 2008

learning new things

I have to get things ready for my boy's bath which should be in an hour or two. But before that I have to update my blogs and check my sources if there ever are good things waiting for me. I sometimes still get amazed with the things I do right now, doing one thing I like which is basically talking only I have to do it in writing. When I talked to my college friend and told her what to do to set up her blog and widgets and other things she was surprised because who would have thought I will know, lol. It was her who brought me to the internet cafe and let me loose in front of the computer. I didn't have any idea about technology then not that I wasn't interested but because I didn't have the money to spare. Didn't get to know anything about computer parts, laptops, video cards, camcorders, digital cameras and other latest inventions until I got here to live with the husband. It sounds awful isn't it? But to me it wasn't. It made me try to learn and update myself. And it makes it more fun and exciting.

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