Friday, August 8, 2008

bath time

When I give my boy his bath I always give him time to play for a few minutes after I rinse him off. But I turn off the water though when I think there is enough for him to play in. I don't want to endanger him in any way even if I am keeping a close eye on him. When I turned off the water though bubby started whining and tried to get out of the tub. I told him the rule about not getting up much less out of the tub without my help. He just whined some more thinking I was gonna get him out which I didn't because I knew he wanted to play some more and what could it hurt? So I let him play some more which made him so happy. He really loves the water and looks forward to his bath everyday. He could be engrossed on something but when he hears me say bath time he runs to the bathroom and wait for me in the door.

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