Tuesday, July 8, 2008

temper tantrum

My boy throw a huge fit this morning. It all started when he wanted to play with the printer. He likes to turn it on and off because of the sound it makes. I have often told him that he is not supposed to play with the thing but being a boy he tries over and over again. He dragged his bike near the computer table, climbed up on it then tiptoed so he can reach the printer. Since he isn't supposed to do it because he might tear up the printer and he could fall down and hurt himself I told him no. I dragged his bike and put it in his playpen so he couldn't use it anymore. That was when he started screaming and yelling. He rolled in the carpet screaming so loud because he didn't get his way. I let him do it and just watched him. A few minutes later hubby called and his son was still in a fit. I told him what was wrong and he said to just let bubby be. When I hang up I sat in the couch and tried to ignore the racket my son was making. When he saw me not looking at him and not even bothering to shush him he climbed up on the couch with me and started gibber jabbering like nothing happened. He wouldn't look at me at all which is a sign he is embarrassed but tried to sit in my lap. I then talked to him about not doing it again since it is not a good thing to do. Thankfully I didn't lose my cool or else the scene would have went on and on. He is really loud when he wants to be.

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