Monday, July 21, 2008

remembering the days

When my boy was young he was colicky and he cried a lot. True to being an infant he used to wake up every three hours to fed and puke among other things. When he was a few months old he wouldn't sleep without me singing and dancing while holding him in my arms. To top it all off, he didn't sleep through the night until he was about a year old. Imagine me lacking sleep, singing and dancing to appease my little boy. I used to get dizzy just doing it and most of the time ran out of songs to sing. He favored certain songs and used to scream so loud if he didn't like the song I was singing. On his sixth month though he acted like he abhorred the idea of me singing for him. So I stopped and just put him to bed right away and it worked for both of us. Ever since then when he gets sleepy I just fix his bed and let him sleep on his own which he does after playing for sometime in bed.
When I think about the first few months I couldn't believe I survived it without much help (hubby was at work most of the time). But I did. Now that my boy is bigger and older he can entertain himself when I am busy provided I check on him from time to time. He sleeps when I put him in his bed without his baba (I give his milk prior to putting him to bed), and he keeps me company during the day. Of course there are times he gets so rowdy but he is a kid after all. I let him do it as long as it isn't too much.

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tx sweetie said...

wow.i can only imagine how tiring that was.I am just lucky my lil girl is so buotan,I really don't like dancing while carrying her,so so so tiring haha.i just let her cry in her crib until she sleeps by herself.

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