Friday, July 18, 2008

party in style

If you are hosting a party for friends and colleagues it is normal for you to try to impress them right? You want them to remember the event and to remember you hosted it as well. To make an impression why not try to host your next party at the rooftop club of the Sheffield Baseball Club? The Rooftop overlooks the Wrigley Field so you can have your party at the same time watching the game. You don't have to provide entertainment because it is being provided for you. Cool huh? So if you are planning of hosting a party do it with style and make you guests talk about it for days after the event. If you decide to do it at Sheffield you can actually have choices. They not only have the rooftop but there are other levels as well depending on your budget and what you think will suit your visitors fancy. Aside from the Rooftop there is the Club level and the Exclusive All-Star Suite. Plan your party in advance and do it in style. Make an impression. Let people know how a real party should be done. Book the Sheffield now and watch the Cubs in action.

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