Thursday, July 10, 2008

weaned from baby bottles

A few days ago I decided I am tired of cleaning milk bottles so I throw bubby's bottles in the trash can. I then proceeded to explain to him that since he drinks other liquid from the sippy cup then it is time to try milk on it. He looked at me and smiled. The first day was bad. He only took a few sips of milk and then bathe himself with it. I had to be patient because it was my decision to totally wean him off the bottle. The second day got better. I think it might have sank in to him that that was it. No more bottles. Not ever. So he started drinking his milk more and more. And just last night when I gave him seven ounces of milk in his sippy cup he drained it all. I am so glad. That means no more bathing in milk. I just knew that with patience and perseverance I will succeed in weaning him. Good thing my boy is not difficult when he has to let go some of his routines when he was a little baby. In fact, I think he looks forward to it. I am one lucky mother. Sometimes :)

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