Monday, July 7, 2008

he likes to play

My boy wants to play with either me or hubby now. Used to, he just plays on his own that when we try to play with him we got ignored. He used to turn his back on us when we attempted to play with him in the past. Now he pulls me to the living room so I can play with him. If hubby is home his boy will climb up to his lap and either mess with his face or make silly noises to get his attention. He even would try to talk (growl actually) with people on the stores. And as what one woman said last night flirt with girls. It is good to know that we have a social kid. I was afraid that since he rarely sees other kids he will end up not knowing how to react to other people. he proved me wrong again. I am just glad that my boy is developing normally. Hubby even said his son is smarter than we think :D

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