Thursday, July 24, 2008

do we need a new grill?

My family loves to grill. We grill even without anything special to grill. Would you believe if I say I grill dried fish all the time? I love the smell of grilled fish and it saves me the pain of having to air the house have I decided to fry it. The problem is we have to run to the store when we run out of charcoal which is a pain. I would rather have a grill that can be ready anytime I want to use it like an Electric Grill perhaps? The questions are can we afford it and if we can will the husband agree to it? We already have two grills right now, one that uses charcoal and the other that uses gas, both of which look really bad if I should say it aloud. If I show hubby a nice electric grill which really doesn't cost much maybe he will make a go for it. I mean how can he say no when I don't have to yell at him that we are out of either charcoal or gas? And he doesn't have to clean out the charcoal anytime I decide to grill something. He will even probably embrace the idea. It will be another project we can save up on. How about you? Would you choose a regular grill when you have the option to get an elegant looking electric grill? I am all for it. For real.

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