Saturday, July 19, 2008


Hubby told me yesterday that he dropped a penny on the floor and when he picked it up he said penny while bubby looked on. He was thrilled when he heard bubby said the word and ran up to me to brag about his boy. I know bubby mimics words we say and even would do things when I say it. Like when I say pat he would pat his thighs and when I say the alphabet with him he knows what's next. But when we try to talk to him we seldom understand what he was saying. He is already 21 months old and I sometimes worry about this because mamsy told me I started talking at 18 months but then I wasn't bilingual. My baby is since I talk to him in english and filipino and even the visayan dialect. Imagine processing those words and trying to differentiate it. I know he understands simple words in all languages though because I would say a stand up in filipino and he would do it right away without me saying it twice. He reacts that way with english and visayan. I didn't really want to teach him all these but hubby said it is better to start early so our son will get fluent in all. I hope he will and he won't get confused in the process.

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