Monday, July 28, 2008

another favorite

When I gave my son spaghetti for dinner I had second thoughts about it. I don't like spaghetti much because it is a little too sour for my taste so I thought he wouldn't like it either. What do you know when I gave him a taste he asked for more. I was dumbfounded! My finicky boy loves spaghetti so much that when I told him he had enough he went off screaming bloody murder. Of course he knew there was still food on the bowl. So I gave it all to him until he was satisfied. When I ask him if he wants spaghetti he looks at me and smiles in anticipation. He is becoming more and more like his father when it comes to food choices. And I thought he will have preferences like mine. I don't blame him though, the husband said my food choices aren't varied. I eat the same food over and over again until something catches my fancy. I am glad my boy found something he likes. Hope he will experiment more.

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