Thursday, July 10, 2008

about hopes and dreams

Hubby wants to have his own boat someday. It is a running joke between us that when we win the lottery we will live life the way we want it, just enjoy everyday and not worry about a thing. And his form of enjoyment is being either close to or in the water. Hence the hope of buying a boat one day. I told him there are a lot of things he has to learn about boats and the stuff that comes with it but he said he is willing to learn. He is open to anything. In fact he had a boat when he was younger but had to sell it because of personal reasons. I am sure if he has one now he will take good care of it the way he does our cars. He is the kind of person who takes care and respects his properties. He may even upgrade it every time like getting this new boat lights that is in the market or make sure that body is still in good shape and the paint is still as bright as the day it was purchased. It is still a dream right now but I know he will work on it. If there is one thing I know about my man is that he is one persistent guy. He tries hard until he gets what he wants. And in the long run he does. He said it is because it was really meant for him. And that the One above knows he needs it. He will be a very happy man when this wish comes true.

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