Sunday, June 1, 2008

thinking ahead

Since our television set is old and had seen better days I thought about us buying a new television set. I told hubby it has to be high definition, for a change, and flat screen. And since we have a toddler who thinks that he can operate the television and do whatever he wants with it, we have to have a mount for the new television if ever we get one. It is still a matter of discussion right now, getting a new set, since we agreed that we will wait for the old one to retire (meaning for bubby to tear it up) before we will get a new one. Makes complete sense because why would we buy a new television set when the old one is still working right? But anyways, when we get ready to get a new set, we have to have a plasma mount to make sure bubby can't reach it. It has to be high up enough where he can't mess with it because if he can reach it he will try to figure out how it works. Living with a toddler, you got to think ahead.

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