Friday, June 20, 2008

temper tantrum

My son is enjoying the cellphone that hubby found at work. It is an old phone yet it still functions so we gave it to our boy for him to play so he will stop messing with mama's phone. He loves it. He plays with it most of the time, puts it in his ear and acts like he is talking to somebody. He had a phone last night and I thought it was the same old phone he used to play with so I left him alone. When I heard him giggle though I thought something wasn't right. In all his time playing with that old phone I haven't heard him react that way so I checked on him to see what caused the giggles and laughter that ensued. It turned out he had my phone and he was taking pictures using my phone's camera. The clicking sound was the reason for the happy giggles. He took eight pictures total of the computer table before I was able to get the phone because he wouldn't let it go. What followed next was a temper tantrum unlike any other that hubby who was outside came in to ask what was wrong with his boy. He mellowed down after a few minutes though and acted like nothing happened after he hit my jaw with his head consequently causing me to bite my tongue. The joy of motherhood eh? He throws unreal tantrums now when something doesn't suit him but I can't just let him do whatever he likes or we will have a monster. He knew he was on the wrong though and was good up until it was time for bed.

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