Tuesday, June 3, 2008


The after effect of a few days of fever coupled with diarrhea is awful for bubby. He has rashes in his butt which makes him whine and walk funny. I admire my boy for his attitude though. If it was me with rashes I will probably make every body's life miserable. But he only complains when he feels it is too much. I always check his diaper to make sure it is clean and change it if it isn't. I change his diaper probably 2-3 times in an hour. I just knew stocking on diapers will help a lot :) He seldom sits down so his butt won't rub with his diaper and when he is tired he lies on his tummy. My boy is smart ;) I just hope it will go away so he won't be uncomfortable anymore.

1 comment:

lira said...

liwat si baby kang mami. maau kay di sya saputon inig mangatol na..pagkabut-an nga bata.

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