Friday, June 27, 2008


I have been looking online for beddings so we can have, if possible, a few new sets to use. It is nice to sleep on a pretty beddings. Specially when it is a quilt. My husband likes quilted beddings. I think it has something to do with him using a quilt cover when he was growing up courtesy of his mother. From what I heard she was pretty good at it too. I made him look at different Victorian heart quilts at the Curtain Shop and he said the ones shown in there are really nice. I agree with him. The quilt beddings are really precious. I wouldn't mind sleeping in one. Correction, I would love us to sleep on one. With the decent prices they offer on a set I don't see why anybody would hesitate to buy from them. With a large selection of beddings made of excellent quality fabrics this should be a good choice for people who love to get only the best. Wouldn't you want to order one for your own bed? You might consider shopping for your needs at the Curtain Shop because they not only have beddings they also have curtains and drapery, window treatments, and kitchen/bath treatments as well.

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