Saturday, June 21, 2008

playtime at the beach

Just got home from the beach. Bubby had so much fun again. He tried to get other kids toys because we forgot to bring his beach toys with us. And there sure were a lot of toys similar to what he has so he probably thought the toys in question were his. The kids all reacted the same when bubby tried to get their toys, a combination of anger and fear. I had to say sorry to a lot of parents because bubby wouldn't quit. We got him away but he tried to go back. He thought that everything was just play and fun and that nobody will get mad at him if he plays with the toys. After all the toys were all scattered in the beach. When he got tired trying to get the toys he walked up to a couple of girls sunbathing and just looked and smiled. Hubby had to drag him away, lol.

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