Monday, June 9, 2008

he likes green beans

Last night I made bubby try something new for dinner. I have two packs of li'l entrees so I decided to fix one and gave it to him. It had green beans on it so I decided to give the beans first which he just looked at for some time before picking one and tasting. He decided he liked it and ate some more. I also gave him the turkey sticks which he only nibbled and then smashed to my dismay. He is still in the process of trying new food, some of which he likes while the others he throws on the floor. That is why I am giving him different kinds of food for variety. He can decide later on what he likes most to eat. When he gets older and get more teeth he won't be able to choose, mama will have to impose on healthy food for him. I know it will be a struggle but it is for his own good. It's okay though, I will give him the occasional burgers and fries and such. Let's hope I can do it :D

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