Wednesday, June 18, 2008

channel surfing

If there is one thing my son likes, it is to watch television shows. No, he doesn't stick to watching cartoons all day. I make it a point to tune in to a child friendly channel but he gets bored watching the same shows. He knows how to change channels and he does when he doesn't like what is on. You know what channels he likes to watch aside from cartoons? The sports channel and the real estate channel. I don't know what he likes in these channels. I don't like the sports channel because for one I don't like sports and two it is loud. The real estate channel I understand since the background music is what I consider calming :) Or maybe he likes to look at properties? Sometimes he uses the television as background. He goes on playing and won't even glance at the television screen but it has to be on all the time with the volume on low. I try to turn it off and he will come running from where he was at and turns it back on. My boy sometimes acts like an old man that hubby laughs at him.

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