Monday, June 23, 2008

the chance to see Cher in person

Growing up I have heard about Cher and her songs. Who doesn't like Believe and danced to it? I did. I like her as a performer because even with her age she is still good. Better than most new performers actually and that is a fact I think nobody would dare refute. This is evident of all the awards she got from music, television and film. She is a total performer. Being listed in Guinness World Records as the only female recording artist to have Top 10 hits in every decade of her career is one tough act to follow. One of my wishes is to see her perform live. I don't know if it is going to happen but I am still hoping. Maybe some day. I still have to save up my money so I can be in first row when it happens. Hey, when you dream you dream big. Which reminds me she will be performing at the Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. This would have been the perfect time to go and see her live in action. If you are interested you can get Cher tickets for Caesars Palace in Las Vegas and see a legend perform. I know you will not regret watching her. I won't. Have a good time.

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