Thursday, May 29, 2008

salt shaker

Bubby managed to get his hands in the corner cabinet we placed in the living room. I know he has been eyeing it ever since hubby placed it there. I made it where the edge of the couch and the loveseat are pressed together so he can't get to the cabinet but my boy is smarter than I think. He climbed on the couch, got on top of the end table which is in front of the cabinet and has been there every chance he gets. I keep an eye on him and gets him down when he starts messing the angels and vases but he always returns. Now there were two nice pepper and salt shaker in the cabinets on display. Hubby bought it on a yard sale and we like the color and design so we decided to display both. Well, bubby got hold of it and hubby who thought it was going to make his son stop messing with the cabinet handed him the shakers. After a few minutes of playing and banging the shakers together we had to pick up broken clay pieces from the couch. There goes our display. His son didn't even got punished but was told not to mess with things because some are fragile and not safe when broken. I hope he listens.

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