Saturday, May 17, 2008

play date

Bubby had visitors earlier. My stepdaughter was here with a friend and their kids. They had an impromptu play date and they all loved it. Since it was sunny and warm they decided to bring a mini-pool perfect for toddlers. They set it up in the backyard, put water on it, got the kids ready and let them play in it. Bubby is not used to having kids around so he didn't know what to do. I can tell he wanted to get in the tub but the other two kids were already on it so he didn't. He was contented with splashing water and trying to grab some of the toys. He did try several times to get in. He had his chance when both decided to explore his slide and I helped him get in and just loved it. He wouldn't even get out anymore even when the other toddlers were back. They shared and they played and it was fun. I did enjoy it knowing that my boy did have a good time. I hope there will be more times like that. I know he needs to be around other kids so he will know how to interact. Good thing he is a good boy though. He just played and never even tried to bully the other kids. He was just so happy to be around kids his age. I will post pictures when I get to transfer the pictures I took earlier to our computer.

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