Saturday, May 10, 2008

no more baba

I am in the process of weaning bubby off the bottle. I started yesterday and he seemed fine with it. After our routine last night which included dinner and bath, I gave him his sippy cup with milk. I told him he has to drink from it and drink the milk up because I am not going to give him his baba anymore. Thankfully he did and I let him watch tv for a while. When I put him to bed I thought he would surely whine for his baba. I was actually surprised when he didn't. It didn't take him long to sleep without even yearning for his baba which has been his companion when he goes to bed. I guess the blankie helped a lot. I am happy that ever since he was little bubby has been really easy when it comes to transitions. I always underestimate my son thinking that like most kids he will fuss when I have to change his routine. Fortunately for me, I have a boy who is more than happy for change. Except with food though. I still have a little problem with that but I am sure given time and a few more molars, we will be okay.

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lira said...

happy mother's day sa mama ni jt..hehe

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