Tuesday, May 6, 2008

new likes

I am in limbo when it comes to my boy's diet right now. He doesn't like the food he used to love just last week. He doesn't eat new food that I introduce to him either. What to do? I can't let him survive on milk and cookies. I have to look for ways. If anybody out there has a solution to this problem please let me know. I want to give the best for my boy and that includes food. How can he be healthy if he doesn't like to eat now? He is currently throwing food left and right in his high chair. He wouldn't even eat the white turkey with rice that I bought from the store for him. He won't taste any home cooked food I make either. He wasn't like this before. Perhaps he just wants to try something new? I hope that is the case. I will keep on feeding him whatever I think he likes hoping he will eat it. He is nibbling tight now on cut-up bananas but not before I showed him where it came from. Whew! What a tough job motherhood is.

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