Thursday, May 8, 2008

my boy is sick

He woke up coughing and crying in the middle of the night last night. It was awful for all of us. I tried to pacify him but when I touch him he would let off screaming. I felt bad. He just wanted to sit in my lap and bawl his heart out. I tried talking to him and he wouldn't listen. It only made him so angry and scream even louder. I felt so helpless last night and frustrated. I was about to get mad but I had to stop myself because my boy was in pain and he couldn't tell me what it was. He just wanted to maybe cry it out. I even thought he might throw up. It was that bad. It took almost an hour before he settled down and he let me put him to his bed. Even when he was there he was whining. I think it was the cough plus teething and who knows what else. He was fine yesterday so I though he might be okay last night. You never really know with a toddler. I am now keeping an eye on him and making sure he really is feeling good. I don't want that episode to happen again. I don't want my boy hurt. It hurts me more when things like this happen.

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lira said...

kaluoy man oi...maau ra na dai...

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