Wednesday, May 28, 2008

half a banana a day

I am enjoying my boy's new development, to be able to eat foods that made him choke months back. When I gave him something to eat he used to just look at it then slap my hands. Now he accepts food as I give it to him. And enjoy it too. Like half of the banana I was eating earlier. I decided to share it with him to his delight. He stayed in the couch and ate it all up. It was drowned with a cup of milk too. He now also enjoys eating cookies, cereal bars, corn and fruit puffs, french fries, and crackers without me worrying of him choking. I still keep an eye when he eats but I don't worry much anymore. Especially with more molars coming out. Thank goodness! Perhaps in a few months we don't have to buy kids food anymore.

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