Tuesday, May 6, 2008


The other night while I was folding the clothes from the laundry room, hubby and bubby were fighting over the cabinet doors. I know it sounds silly but hubby claims bubby slamming the cabinet doors is annoying in his ears and tried to stop him doing it. He even said that he hears the slamming sound even in his sleep. He told me to stop his son from doing it but I said if he wanted to, then he better do it. So he talked to bubby about not slamming the doors or else. Of course my boy, who is a little defiant and probably thinks that he is just playing, didn't stop. When hubby walked over to bubby with the intention of slapping the latter's butt, he ran away. It led on to a chase which I don't think really made bubby realize that he was doing wrong. It was funny and chaotic at the same time. With hubby running after his son sounding mean while laughing at the same time and bubby trying to save his a**. I got a headache just looking at them. My boys really are a handful. When hubby got tired he went outside and bubby went right back to what he was doing in the first place. This time looking in his back making sure that dada is nowhere near.

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