Saturday, May 24, 2008


Bubby's weekend breakfast consists of two cereal bars and a cup of milk. Before lunch though I am sure he will ask for snacks. He likes his fruit and or corn puffs with a glass of fruit and vegetable juice. My boy now eats whatever I give him (except for eggs) and I am loving it. I like the fact that even if he is sometimes choosy with food he doesn't slap my hand when I give him something to eat. He still won't accept food from anybody except me though. Dada sometimes gets offended when he gives food to bubby and he rejects it. It is because he is used to me taking care of his every need while dada is at work. They do play and he follows dada around when he's home but when it is meal time he runs to me. I still have to think what to give him for lunch. I sure hope he eats rice (he used to) but he spits it out when I make him eat rice. Maybe when he is older. I just have to be patient and let him do things in his own pace.

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