Monday, May 19, 2008

rice pudding

When we were at the store yesterday hubby looked at possible snacks for bubby because he claims that his son is getting skinny. I always buy my boy food from the baby section. He now eats regular food but he is still picky so I give him toddler food and a little prepared kid's food. Hubby told me to get some pudding and specifically said rice pudding so when bubby refuse to eat it I can. I told him how can he be sure I'll eat it when bubby won't and he just smiled. This morning I saw the pack we bought in the fridge and I decided to give it to my boy. He loves it! He kept on opening his mouth and asking for more. Even I liked it to my surprise. I thought it might be gooey and nasty but I eat my word, no pun intended. I have hubby to give credit for this. I now have something else to give my boy during snack time instead of the regular puffs and fruit flavored cookies. I have to stay away from it though and just give it to my boy. That way I don't have to worry about unwanted fat not that I don't have it now. I just don't need more.

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