Saturday, May 31, 2008

awful weekend

This has been the worst weekend of my life. My boy was very sick. I panicked yesterday when he had seizure prompting my husband to come home from work as fast as he could while I called 911. It was awful. I thought I might have lost my boy. I cried and shouted on the phone while the operator tried to calm me down. Who would calm down when you saw your son turn purple and seemed to stop breathing? It was very sudden too. One minute he was playing and blabbering and the next went limp. It was a mother's nightmare. I still remember what I said to the operator but I don't know how I might have sounded. When the ambulance got here though his color was almost normal and he was even talking to the women. I don't know if it was because of what I did or it was just normal for kids to recover after a seizure. All I know was that I was so happy to see him look at me and smile. The women who came had to get his heartbeat and sugar reading which were normal and asked if we would like to ride with them to the hospital. By the time my boy was feeling a lot better so we said we will just go to his pediatrician and let him decide. His fever went down when we were at the clinic while his doctor checked on him. He said he couldn't see any infection and that we should just let whatever he has run its course and to keep an eye on him. But in case of any more seizure to bring him to the children's hospital. I hope it will not happen again though. I pray that my boy will be fine. Thankfully hubby is very supportive and he helps in taking care of our boy. He also makes me feel secure. Just knowing he's here to help keeps my mind at ease. Bubby is sleeping right now after a few ounces of milk. He won't take anything other than the milk and pedialite we give him. But that is better than nothing.

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