Tuesday, April 22, 2008

where is mama?

Bubby and mama played earlier. Mama decided to stay away from the computer after she checked her email accounts and spend time playing with her boy. It was fun and rough. Playing rough usually takes a toll on the older one so mama had to rest while bubby messed with dada's computer stuff still in the box.
He ran to the bedroom and wouldn't come out no matter if I had called him several times. So I hid behind the couch and wait for him to get out and come looking for me. Sure enough when I stopped calling he went out giggling thinking that I was lying in the couch. When he didn't see me he ran to the kitchen to look. Nope, mama wasn't there. She wasn't in the computer table either. That was when he panicked. He started crying. I was laughing behind the couch just looking at him. Poor boy cried and whined when he thought he lost mama, lol. When I said boo he looked at me and laughed. Gave him a scare there huh. Now when he goes anywhere in the house he would come back and look and sometimes as if looking is not enough would touch my leg before resuming what he was doing. He is such a charmer that sometimes it is hard to discipline him. I have to though or else he will walk all over me and dada which isn't good for either uf us.

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