Friday, April 25, 2008

toddler hygiene

the frame in this mirror is supposed to be white..something's wrong with my camera.

Took this picture last night after I gave bubby a bath. He knew that mama's going to brush his teeth and he wanted to do it himself so I let him. He refused to give me the toothbrush when I asked and insisted he do it himself but I didn't want to take chances so I told him I had to do it just like we did before. Thankfully he listened (albeit with a whine) and so I brushed his teeth and got him ready for bed. My son is a stickler for routine and he remembers if I made a promise. He never fails to remind me too though not in words but in action. Like banging the bathroom door when I forgot to give him a bath, or trying to climb up his bed when he is ready for a nap. Yeah, I am one of those lucky parents whose toddler still takes naps sometimes twice in a day. I hope he will not give up his naps because it will be good for him. Not to mention it gives me time to do whatever I have to do.
He also knows when mealtimes are and when his favorite show is going to be on. He is getting more and more a handful everyday and sometimes I can't keep up with his energy but I am not complaining. At least he is healthy and he is learning new things. I can't wait for him to talk clear. I am sure it will be something to look forward to.

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