Thursday, April 10, 2008

new haircut

I decided to cut bubby's hair a while ago. We have been meaning to cut his hair and we always put it off both afraid of how bubby will react to it. I was looking at him playing earlier and I just had the notion to do it alone. So I did. It was very difficult at first because aside from cutting hubby's hair using a clipper, I don't really have any experience cutting somebody else hair. I am a novice.
Anyways, I thought at least bubby won't complain about it yet so now is my chance. I really hate to cut his hair because it is pretty but it is getting long and I hate for people to look at him and mistook him for a girl. Even with all his boy clothes and shoes.
It was hard when I started cutting his hair because he fidgeted a lot. Something to do with the sound and feel of the scissor and the hair falling off his back. He was uncomfortable with it. But after sometime he was good and I was able to do more. Except for the back. It is kinda wavy which made me think hubby will want to trim it when he gets home. He looks better with shorter hair and I think I did a pretty good job. When he gets older though we really have to go to the barber.

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