Tuesday, April 29, 2008

my little boy

I was looking at old pictures of bubby that I have saved in the computer and I am amazed at how fast he is growing. I sometimes miss the time when he relied on me on everything. Now that he is eighteen months old he is little mister independent. He likes to do some things on his own like brushing his teeth or eating by himself. I like it but there are times when I feel silly and long for the days when he was still a little baby and was content on being held. That singing Bahay Kubo was enough to pacify him and bring him to sleep. Now making him sleep is simple, give him a bottle of milk, put him to his bed and just leave him alone and he will sleep on his own. No cuddling, no more singing, no more dancing. And yet I still hope that he will sleep when I rock him. He thinks he is a big boy and doesn't like it. The good thing now is he likes it when I play with him. I better be grateful for small blessings eh? At least he is not a fussy boy and I must admit with him sleeping on his own gives me time for myself and for hubby.


Anonymous said...

Hi there, would you like to exchange links?


lira said...

kagwapo pud anang bataa na oi. artistahin ang dating.

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poray said...

thanks mami lira :)