Monday, April 7, 2008

milestones and more

Bubby will be 18 months old this month. He is like a little man. I mean, he doesn't act like a baby most of the time even if he calls himself baby. He can now self-feed (has been for a while), waves bye2 while saying ba-ba. He is a good boy though sometimes he can't contain his energy and inquisitiveness. Shame I don't have a baby book for him though I kept his things from the hospital in a folder. I didn't write down the dates (it's in the pc) he made his milestones though. I know I should have but at the time I was overwhelmed with everything concerning pregnancy and giving birth that I didn't get me a baby book. Here are the things I remember he did when he was a newborn up to now. I actually have the dates on my computer because I take pictures and videos of him on those important moments. I should print this pictures and compile it in a new folder or maybe a baby book or a CD. Maybe when I get out of this lazy streak.

Here is a list of my jt's accomplishments.

* was able to lift his head unsupported at two weeks old
* was able to hold his baba at 2 months
* can roll over from side to side at 4 months
* crawled on all fours at 6 months
* eats baby food three times a day since 6 months old
* started walking at 10 months
* sleeps in his own bed eversince he was born (wouldn't sleep with us at all)
* doesn't fuss at either bedtime or naptime..just give him a bottle and he will be content to stay in his bed until he sleeps
* knows how to sip from a cup or a straw (did this at 17 months)
* can operate his four wheeler unassisted
* knows how to turn off the pc and what the CD-ROM drive is for (give him a DVD and he will run straight to the pc to try to put it on)
* runs to the bathroom when mama says bathtime
* remembers promises i made for some reason..the other night i was ready to put him to bed but he ran to the bathroom and bangs the door while whining. He repeatedly did it that i remembered i promised him a bath before bedtime.
* rushes to the door after i put his shoes on (laagan man liwat sa tatay, lol)
* loves wheel of fortune and would try to guess the letters while clapping his hands and spinning his four-wheeler's wheel
* knows how to turn the tv on and off and switch channels if he doesn't like what is on (he can reach our television set)
* tries to brush his teeth by himself..i let him do it and then get the toothbrush from him and finish the job for him
* knows how to brush his hair
* knows what the cellphone is for..puts it near his ear and acts like he is talking to somebody

There are a lot of things bubby does that hubby thinks he shouldn't be doing yet. He is so funny sometimes that I would just sit in the couch and let him do his things. I have to watch him though because he does things he isn't supposed to do like trying to plug his radio on an electric outlet which absolutely isn't safe. Most of the electrical outlets have those plastic covers for his safety. I don't want to take chances when it comes to my boy.

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