Saturday, March 22, 2008

a stroll on the beach

We just got home from the beach. It is sunny and warm today that hubby decided for us to go and walk. Of course that was after I went bicycling alone because I was bored. So we went to the beach and walk and had a good time. It was windy so I kept my jacket on but most people were wearing bikinis and shorts. Kids were playing too. I decided to strip bubby's jeans and let him walk and enjoy the sand. He was so happy running around. We had a little problem though because when he saw a toy identical to his plastic beach wagon he ran to it and picked up the toys that went with it and put them in the wagon. He probably was wondering why somebody else was playing with his toys. It was so funny but embarassing at the same time. Good thing the owner was an older kid so he just looked and smiled. If the boy was about bubby's age there probably would have been a huge problem. I was confident he will not mess with anybody so I just let him run. I was at fault there actually.
He saw a ball lying in the sand probably forgotten and he played with it but I told him it wasn't his so we better leave it alone. I promised him I will bring his ball and wagon the next time we go to the beach so he can play. He was pacified with that. Dada had to carry him on our way back to the car though because making him walk was like walking in circles. No direction at all. He ran wherever he fancied. Even walked near the sunbathers.
It was a pretty good walk on a pretty day. I was glad to be out of the house for a while. I am so tired right now that I just want to lay down and take a nap provided bubby will too. Maybe I will try that and see what happens.

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