Monday, March 31, 2008


Don't you hate it when somebody tries to meddle how you raise your kid? I do. As a mother, I know what my child wants or needs. I also know if something is good for him or not and if he is ready for something or not.
Not because somebody else kid is ready for something doesn't mean my son is too. I mean, kids develop differently, don't they? So whatever somebody says about my boy supposed to be ready for all kinds of adult food, I act like I didn't hear anything. I would have wanted to say something but I don't want to hurt somebody else feelings. Even if they don't care for mine.
The other day I gave my son french fries. Since he is not used to me handing him food all the time (I want him to get used to the idea that eating should only be done when he is in the dining table) I thought he will not accept it but he did. He ate the whole fry and when I gave him more he did the same. I am happy. He used to choke when I gave him food like that before. I guess he wasn't ready yet then. He still only has six teeth but he now knows how to use his gums even without the molars. So he now accepts food when I give him some and enjoys it too. It all depends on whether he likes the food though. Because if he doesn't then it ends on the floor which is just a waste.
He is still picky with food except for those he is used to eating. I have to introduce a certain food to him one at a time and only on small amounts just in case he doesn't like the taste. I am still afraid he is going to choke though so I always keep an eye on him when he is eating. I let him eat his food alone and wait until he is done. Saves me time cleaning after his mess too since when I am watching him he doesn't throw his food much.
Raising a kid is hard enough but meddling is making it worse. So for all you mothers out there, raise your kids the way you are comfortable with. It is your life, your kid. You alone knows what is best for him or her. Follow your instincts. That is what I am doing with my son what with me far from my own mother but I seem to think I am doing fine with the help of my husband.

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