Thursday, March 13, 2008

my bubby's got wings!

this was taken when mami was 4 mos. pregnant

When I was pregnant I always craved for fried chicken. Chicken wings was always on the menu, aside from ramen noodles, sweet fruits, and eggs. The whole four months I consumed chicken wings that would have amounted for a whole year with a regular person. I didn't like it any other way than fried. Restaurant and store-bought were what I liked. I didn't like my own cooking.
I ate so much chicken that at night I had dreams that the baby inside me had wings. Chicken wings in fact, lol. I dreamed that I felt bubby's wings (instead of arms) when he moved inside my tummy. Hubby laughed at me then. I even dreamed that I gave birth to, what else, a chick. Now that was really funny. I guess most mothers worry about what their baby would look like when it's born that they think about crazy stuff. I must admit that was silly.
Gratefully bubby was born normal and healthy. I was so glad and proud. When I look at him now I remember the feeling of carrying him inside me and all the happiness and discomfort I felt at the time. He sure is all worth it.
When hubby now looks at bubby walk and fall he shakes his head and jokes that maybe bubby really had wings before he was born because he sure stumbles a lot.

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FreEzEBoX said...

hehehe.. i enjoyed reading your story.. congratz for both of you ma'am.