Monday, March 3, 2008

mama and dada

I have been writing a lot about bubby and my life here but I don't remember ever writing anything how hubby and I met. Do you know where? The internet of course. Two people who aren't very proficient with the computer and the internet met in the web. Ironic isn't it? Here's how it happened.
I went to Manila in 2002 to take the review classes and then the Licensure Examination for Chemical Engineers. Sadly, I didn't pass so I decided to stay and look for a job. I bought a lot of the Manila Bulletin every Sunday to look for job openings and as if it wasn't enough, I went to the internet cafe to look some more online and also to print my resume which was on a diskette that time. Since I only have a very limited knowledge about computers the only thing I can do is open my emails, use MSWord and chat. No I didn't met hubby on the chatroom. He doesn't know how remember? It was when I was searching for jobs online that a window always pops up. Everytime I close it it came right back. It was annoying! After it did that for several times I read it and then filled it up and submitted it. There, it stopped popping. And so I was able to finish my search and logged out.
A few days later I received an email from, what do you know, a dating website. Lol. I read and I remember I signed up for it. I just left it at that. Looking for a job was more important to me and there was pressure on every corner so I didn't really have much choice. I would, from time to time, check my membership though. I even put a 1x1 pic in there after a few months of receiving emails from them because nobody ever sent me anything, no emails, nothing. I felt like I wasn't desirable enough. Maybe because of the header I put in there which was looking for a penpal :) Who would want a penpal on the internet? Apparently, hubby did. We were just two misfits on that website and we met and we clicked. He sent me an email with his yahoo addy and that's when it all started. We sent emails once maybe twice a month for eight months before he started calling. There was no talk of relationships or anything. We were just friends. He claimed that my emails always brightened his days and that he looked forward to it. We were both busy with work. I finally got accepted to work in Laguna and he was working fulltime and part-time. Plus there were some unresolved problems with the ex.
He called me after eight months and it lasted for an hour. We were both excited. Lol. It was fun talking to him even if it was just him talking most of the time. By then my job contract in Laguna was about to expire. I told him that I was thinking of staying and looking for a permanent job. He said it was okay. But something happened along the way that I decided to go back to Manila and continue communicating with him. By then he started saying he loves me on the phone. Even in the emails he sent. I on the other hand couldn't say the word. I don't know why. I just couldn't. I guess because I am not used to verbal ways of expressing my emotions. It took me a long time to say it to him and I did when he least expect it. I didn't even thought of it, it just came off my mouth. Right after that we started taking about the future, me and him and a possible family. And the rest as the say is history. Sure it took us long to realize that we have something beautiful going. It was after over a year of communicating online and thru phone that he went to Manila and we met in person. It was a wonderful week together. My parents went to the city to met him and his son. It was fun and romantic. We actually agreed that we will meet but if ever we realize we don't like each other in person then we have to tell each other that. We can't be having a relationship if we dislike each other on sight. Turned out there was no problem on that aspect. We hit it off right away and on his second day in the Philippines, he proposed and I accepted.
Vacation was over, he went back and we filed the necessary papers. There were bumps along the way but things worked out and here I am now, married to the only guy I promised to love forever. When we look back, we agree that it was one h*ll of a ride, lol. Ups and downs and in betweens but gratefully we're settled and we're doing great. And we are blessed with a wonderful son. Now looking forward for more happy and blessed years together.

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