Friday, March 28, 2008

four wheeler

I just wanted to post a pic of my son in here. Afterall this blog is supposed to be about him and his antics. Only mama has been busy about a lot of things lately that it was easier to just post whatever she thinks of posting at the moment. Bubby loves his four wheeler and gets on it most of the time either watching tv or just playing. He sometimes would flip it over to play with the wheels. It is now a common sight in the living room, his four wheeler. He still gets into things a lot but I am now getting used to it and he listens to no (sometimes) so things are pretty much fine concerning my boy. It's the older ones that are getting on my nerves. I guess I just need a vacation alone with bubby far away for a while before I crack. If I do it will be harder to repair. What a mess! Anyways, here is mama venting again.

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