Tuesday, March 18, 2008

fill me in

I AM… a tightwad. For real. lol

I WANT… bubby to stop being defiant. But then he is a kid afterall. Plus he got me as a mother who is the most defiant person in the whole wide world hubby claimed. Blame it on the genes huh?

I HAVE… a lot of blogs.

I WISH… I may, I wish I might.

I HATE… to see people begging for food and nobody giving them any.

I SEARCH… for answers. Wait a minute, what are the questions?

I WONDER… when we will go back to Leyte for a vacation.

I REGRET… not studying hard for the licensure exam consequently letting my parents down.

I LOVE… my boys. So much so that both are getting spoiled ;)

I ALWAYS… pray before I sleep at night.

I AM NOT… tall. waaaaaa!

I DANCE… like crazy when I get warmed up.

I SING… silly songs for bubby.

I CRY… whether I am sad, mad, sick, or happy. I know I am crazy.

I WRITE… whatever comes to my mind. Sometimes my writing is incoherent but who cares?

I WON… my boys' affection. Hands down.

I AM CONFUSED… why people are mean and greedy. But realized that I am too sometimes. Therefore I conclude that it is human nature, only some are to the max which isn't really good.

I NEED… to potty train bubby. Darn diapers are expensive.

I SHOULD… cook rice before I starve.

THE LAST THOUGHT YOU GO TO SLEEP WITH IS… it is nice to have somebody to keep me warm and safe.

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